Mercedes does MORINGA TEA!
  FacebookTwitterGoogle+Share This Blog How do you start each morning? We are all creatures of habit….hopefully yours are healthy ones! As a nutritionist, I find that most clients consume one of three beverages upon rising. What’s yours? Coffee? Get holistic! Eliminate milk and sugar by swapping for something new! Trying to kick coffee? Switch to […]

I have had so many requests for my HEMP COCONUT COOKIE that I am posting the recipe! They can be cooked or rolled into balls and eaten raw! They are vegan and gluten free! They are healthy, holistic, high energy nutrient dense and DELICIOUS! For more coconut love watch Mercedes:  INGREDIENTS: 1 tablespoon ground flax seed […]

A passion for coconuts
If you crack open the shell of a coconut, its DNA will reveal traces of its partial lineage to the Philippines. It’s no wonder then that Filipinos, among other coconut producers, are hardwired to harness every scrap of it, from sky-high leaves down to the roots. The ongoing coconut craze has spawned health gurus proclaiming […]


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